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Past, Present, Future


30ml & 2ml Eau de Parfum 

Inspired by the Goddess Mother Earth, Gaea AKA Gaia.
Blending notes of earthy soil, green leaves, and woods.
With delicate florals, herbs, and sweet honey of the bees creating a balance and harmony of many elements working together in unity as one. Homage to the harmony and balance of Gaea, the Mother Earth, our present home. 

Green Leaves, Dry Earth, Honey, Tuberose, Rose, Lavender, Orris Butter, Apple, Cedarwood, Wormwood, Patchouli & Ambergris.

The scent opens with herbal wormwood and a green leaf accord, taking you to the edge of a forest.
As it turns to the mid, the herbal and green aspects fade into soft delicate florals of Tuberose and Orris as you journey out of the forest floors. The Moroccan Orris providing an almost Rooibos tea-like quality, as opposed to the more common cosmetic aspect of most Orris notes. The Honey accord blends evenly with the soft florals, creating a beautiful and delicate sweet floral heart. As it dries into the base, you are left with a comforting musky Ambergris and Honey combination, with subtle nuances of Patchouli and Earth that remind you of the forest where the journey first began.  

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