About Us


Centauri Perfumes is a fully independent artisan perfume house, hand crafted in England in small batches. Founded by self taught perfumer, Peter Carter. The official launch of the house was December 22nd 2019 at 4:19am marked by the winter solstice.

The movements of the stars, heavens and timing of solstice and equinox were hugely important to nearly all ancient cultures. The house logo is a star, tying in with the celestial bodies and importance of the heavens. It also represents the future, of where our civilisation will one day explore new worlds. At the same moment representing past, with the star chosen as our logo being carved in stone by the ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago. All of this comes together in the eternal present moment. 

The conceptual idea behind the house is presented through Past, Present & Future,
as three distinct lines within the house. 

Past is presented in red, symbolised by fire. One of the most important discoveries of the development of our ancestors. It takes inspiration directly from the mystery of our ancient cultures from around the globe. A homage to where we have come from, focused on using high quality natural materials. 

Present is shown in white, our modern day world. The age of the smart phone and internet. The technological age, the here and now. This line is free to explore inspirations from our current world through the use of mixed media. A balance and harmony of natural oils and modern day aroma chemicals. 

Future is blue, the colour of the sky to where we will soon venture further out into the cosmos. This line has a larger emphasis on modern aroma chemicals. Nodding to our longing to expand beyond the Earth, to become a civilisation capable of exploring new worlds. Inspired by hope for humanity, and for the evolution of human consciousness into universal peace and cosmic consciousness.  

Three collections showcasing three styles of perfumery, through three ages.