Limited Edition of 97 bottles SOLD OUT. 

Using oils from Ensar Oud 

100% Natural 

30ml Extrait Parfum


Oud is misunderstood by many at just how many different profiles and expressions there are to the scents it can create, from the smell of deep earthy petrichor to light fruity floral tones and honey. These are beautifully complete perfumes within themselves, multi-layered and nuanced as only nature can create, which naturally quieten the mind and give a meditative experience to the wearer.

I wanted to work with these incredible oils to create a contemplative inner experience so that when we apply the perfume we can close our eyes and stop the race of the addiction to thoughts, letting the natural quality of oud guide us to a peaceful state.

The word 'Shambho' means The Auspicious One. This is meant to provoke an inner contemplation of the Universal Mystery, asking the question 'Who Am I?'. 

Oud is produced by the Aquilaria tree as medicine to heal from infection; an elixir of life created through the will to live in the face of death. When we quieten our minds and open our lotus hearts, we too heal from within. Our natural innate quality beyond our conditioned thinking mind is love, a deep connection to everyone and everything, where there is no separation or duality. When we dive deep enough into our own hearts, we rediscover that great light within us which IS Love.  


Ensar Oud - Xiang Liao Ling 2006 Wild (Maroke) 

Ensar Oud - Midori Qi 2005 Wild (Borneo)

Ensar Oud - Oud Yusuf (Thailand)

Ensar Oud - Zaza Zen (Thailand) 

Ensar Oud - Namasoma (Thailand/Cambodia)

Ensar Oud - Bhutan Blue (Cambodia)

Ensar Oud - Aroha Kyaku (Thailand)

Pink Lotus Absolute

Jasmine Sambac

Bulgarian Rose Absolute

Orris Butter 

Fir Balsam

Juniper Berry

Peru Balsam

Dark Patchouli


White Ambergris 

The scent opens up with oud from Ensar Oud, a mix of wild and farmed from different regions. The complex tones within the oud alone will bring many nuances, from deep dark earthiness of the aged wild Xiang Liao Ling, to the light fruity tones of Oud Yusuf. You will notice spiraling green notes of fir and juniper creating an almost green forest atmosphere, complementing the earthy tones of the wild oud. The Lotus flower honors the sacred Divine creating a rich floral heart. The natural ethereal quality of the white Ambergris sparkles over everything to create a meditative calming presence. 


Special Thanks to Ensar for allowing the use of his name, a man who puts his heart and soul into his craft to produce some of the finest oud oils in the world. Oud oils of such quality are considered by many as art in olfaction. Showing what love and passion for your work can bring to the world. Although this perfume creation is not a collaborative effort, I consider the Ensar name on the label a stamp of the highest quality.