Timeless Collection

The Timeless Collection are specially created 1 of 1 perfumes, to be sold through a ticket raffle in raising money for selected charities. With 100% of money raised going direct to the highlighted charity. 
These unique perfumes will be created twice a year, and produced in clear glass presentation, every six months. 
Centauri C1 
£1,829.78 Raised for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue!
Notes: Neroli, Rose, Iris, Honey Tobacco, Vanilla, White Ambergris, Oakmoss 
C1 is raising money for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue, a sanctuary created by Jenny and Jimmy Desmond in saving chimpanzees from the illegal bush meat trade. The mother chimpanzees are shot for food in the wild, while their babies are taken and illegally sold as pets.
Jenny and Jimmy have dedicated their lives in service of these beautiful souls, our closest living relatives, in nurturing them back to health and freedom. These chimpanzees are rescued from chains and cages and given a new protected and safe home, in their 100 acre protected forest with 24 hour loving care.
A staggering £1,829.78 was raised!
The winning bottle went to Croatia! Thank You!

To donate directly in helping please follow this link: https://www.liberiachimpanzeerescue.org